Speculating Value

UX, Branding, Development, WIP

Peter Jeon


Create a minimalist commentary and analytics website for crypto and finance.


Simple UX, minimalist layout, good typography, focus on content.



User Experience

Before starting the project we discussed wireframes and user profiles.

John Smith, 27

Interested in cryptocurrency and digital technology in finance, but looking at other websites like Coindesk and CoinTelegraph seem to have very pop headlines and no analysis. There aren’t in- depth commentary sections. Want to find a good website that provides good analysis on what to buy or what is the leading currency.

Karen Ludlow, 36

Curious and want to know more about cryptocurrencies as it has become a news fad and investigate more about it being a potential investment. Wants to find a media site that has trustworthy commentary and analysis.

“As website users, there should be a good user interface for the website on a browser and mobile adaptability. It needs to be clean and simple to navigate quickly. Front page will have a listing of recent news analysis and commentary. There will be a menu that leads directly towards to currencies post, a featured blog portion, and etc."

"Media websites that are cluttered with ads, chunky design and formatting, and too many images does not attract more users. It makes people feel that the website is a pop website without any serious implications.”


From the start the goal was to not let brand get in the users way, but at the same time users should know what website they are on. We chose to have a simple wordmark of SV as a logo.


The vision was to incorporate the theme and progress of financial news websites into cryptocurrency and digital economy. But also keeping in mind the brand as well as the main design goal - minimalism.


For the first mockup I decided to use Cards UI kit by InVision, but immediately we realized that it doesn’t fit.


There were multiple issues.. First of all, the titles can be pretty long and it takes too much space.


Although Source Serif Pro is a very readable typefaces we realized that the serif actually doesn’t fit with the client's vision of the modern brand we were looking to create. We had to use a sans serif. At first we explored the possibility of using IBM Plex family, but it had too much of their brand in itself. We decided to stick to neutral Aktiv Grotesk typeface at first and Franklin Gothic later on.



From the start to finish one of the main design tools that I used for the projects was webflow + cms. It allowed us to iterate quickly and develop and maintain the website without any actual developers.


The website is very content heavy, so by the time I finished the design the majority of content was still in development. So we had to use a lot of dummy content.


After getting first feedback from the users, the biggest feature request was to add some sort of community to the website. We decided to add comment section and an ability for anyone to become a contributor to the website through submission page.


One of the goals was to make the website extremely fast.  Also thanks to webflow hosting and image optimization even a heavy front page loads very quickly and article page renders instantly, even on mobile.

Current screenshots

Fixed Sidebar + Additional Articles

After having first users one of the first things that we observed that after reading an article they immediately bounced. To improve that I suggested to use a fixed navigation bar on the side that would always be there, not be annoying and let users explore the rest of the website without scrolling back up or clicking on any hamburgers. Also, to keep the conversation flowing, article page started showing 2 most related articles.